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Virtual Reality

April 29th, 2008 by zmaung


What is so wrong about actual reality that humans need to create a virtual one? Nothing actually. Virtual reality actually helps people in real life situations. This page talks about virtual reality in association to oceanography research.

The National Center of Supercomputer Applications (NCSA) developed the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE). This helps create virtual worlds from observed data and simulations. These worlds help scientists observe the world more clearly and do research more easily. It also allows interaction with the environments created. This will allow researchers to simulate what would happen with human interaction to the environment without doing it in real life, which might have negative effects on the environment.

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Data Storage: DVDs

April 29th, 2008 by zmaung


Howstuffworks explains a lot of different aspects of DVDs. It tells the readers about how data is stored on DVDs, how DVD players work and why DVDs. DVD stands for Digital Versitile Disc.

VHS used to be the dominant form of movies in the past. Nowadays, it is the DVD that is taking over. DVDs not only store movies, but also computer data. Though they may not be as convenient as flash drives, DVDs have the ablity to store a lot of data depending on what kind of DVD disc that data is being saved.

DVDs have the same type of data storage as CDs with pits and bumps on the track. A DVD has the pits and bumps much closer to each other. Therefore, a DVD player must be powerful and precise enough to read those closely compacted pits and bumps.

A DVD can be single-sided single layer, single-sided double layer or double-sided double layer. A single-sided single layer can hold 4.7 GBs of data. A single-sided double layer can hold 2 times as much as a single layer and a double-sided double layer can hold 4 times as much.

Alleman, Gayle. “How DVDs Work,” Howstuffworks. April 29, 2008

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Bluetooth Technology

April 29th, 2008 by zmaung


Howstuffworks published this article about how Bluetooth works. It talks about how Bluetooth creates a connect and why it is useful.

Bluetooth creates a connection between two electronic devices. It does this using a radio-frequency standard. This might seem like a security problem because any electronic device can pick up Bluetooth signals if they are in range. This is why Bluetooth also set up a protocal level where the two electronic devices that are trying to connect with each other have to agree on the connection.

One device can be connected to many other devices at the same time through Bluetooth but there is still only one connection between two devices. The ability of one device being able to connect to multiple devices at the same time through Bluetooth give Bluetooth an advantage over most other forms of wireless connectivity. Also Bluetooth has fast connection speeds ranging between 1-3 Mbps.

Layton, Julia and Curt Franklin. “How Bluetooth Works,” Howstuffworks. April 29, 2008.

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April 29th, 2008 by zmaung


This site talks a lot about network security. The thing I was interested in about this page is the firewall and internet security. It talks about what firewalls are, different types of firewalls, and how they work.

When people use the internet, they doesn’t just receive information, they send information as well. In group networks like intranets, they want to conceal important information that should stay within their group when they go online. So a firewall is set up to set a barrier within the intranet and internet.

Curtin, Matt. “Introduction to Network Security,” April 29, 2008.

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Obtaining a Career in Computer Science

April 29th, 2008 by zmaung


The IEEE Computer Society created this page to give advice to students who would like to obtain a job involving computer science. The things that are mentioned on this page is mainly the education it requires. Also, it talks about clubs and programs that one should join during their computer science education process.

It is best for a person to start their computer science education even before college by joining clubs and/or science/engineering fairs. Then when one goes to college, you should be involved in a curriculum that involves math, arts and humanities, electives and, of course, science and engineering.

While learning at college, one should join clubs and/or programs that deal with computer science and engineering. This will increase their knowledge and connections within the science and engineering society. Also, members are able to receive a chance win scholarships.

“Careers in Computer Science and Computer Engineering,” IEEE Computer Society, April 29, 2008.

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Driving down with Artificial Intelligence

April 7th, 2008 by zmaung


The Journal of Artificial Intelligence is a website with collections of reports, essays, articles and books about Artificial Intelligence Research. There are articles about all different kinds of AI research and how it will help human beings. This one article that I read caught my attention because of it’s complexity to initiate.

This article talks about how some AI researchers are trying to find ways for road vehicles to drive themselves instead of with a human driver. All the mathematical logic and physics involved in this program would be easy if cars drove on an open road, but the complexity comes in when intersections and traffic lights are involved.

The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research helps not only other researchers out, but also lets common “non-scientist” people like me understand the type of research that someone is or has done in the field of AI. There are many other intriguing articles like the one I read on the site. Take a look if you would like.

“Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research,” . AI Access Foundation, Inc., April 7, 2008.

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April 7th, 2008 by zmaung

This is a trick post. All my Python programs are my favorite. From the chaotic to the house drawing, I just can pick one. It’s like picking an apple out of a bushel. Unless all but one apple is rotten, then I’ve got to eat all of them. Just like my programs because they all work.

Each and everyone of my programs represent a step of my learning to program with Python. The program taught me a little bit about mathematical equations in Python, but mainly the use of loops. The house drawing used so much logic that it blew my mind. It involved so many algebraic equations that I had to write them down on a piece of paper and described what it means and how it will work with the codes.  It looks like I was actually doing work like the guy in “Num3ers” usually does when he’s trying to figure out a case.

Coding is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard. The computer language is not as hard as figuring out the concept of your program. If you have trouble, do not stress yourself. Take out a piece of paper and write down what you want done instead of trying to figure it out in one go on a computer.

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Test Post 4 CPSC110

April 1st, 2008 by zmaung

This is a test blog for my blog page for my CPSC110 Class. I will be blogging over the next couple of days about cool technical annotations. Keep checking it to see what I’ve posted. Keep it real.

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What I learned from working with Alice

November 5th, 2007 by zmaung

Alice is an amazing virtual reality phenomenon. It is a simple, yet sophisticated programming tool that helps make great animations. The great thing about this program is how simple and convenient it is to make the animations.
There is hardly any programming knowledge involved. The items and names are already pre-programmed and you can choose what you want the characters to do. I love how I can create such sophisticated looking animations without knowing how to code. I can also add pictures of my own and create characters. I also love adding my own sounds to my animation to add more of an entertainment factor to it.
When my professor first mentioned an Alice project that we had to do, I immediately started thinking of ideas. The best one I had was of Beowulf and Grendel. I was able to create an animation based off this idea in Alice easily. It just shows you how easy it is to put your imagination in play.

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Alice Project

October 18th, 2007 by zmaung

splash.jpgAlice is one of the best visual programming software that I have ever seen. It allows me to make videos, short or long, using programming codes to control everything about a character. This is a really neat feature that inspired me to do a Beowulf vs. Grendel story for my project. This is an ancient Anglo-Saxon legend about a hero, Beowulf, and his nemesis, Grendel. I believe that Warner Bros. Pictures has copied my idea and made a movie of their own starring Angelina Jolie, but that is another story for another day.

If you do not already know about the story of Beowulf and Grendel, I shall tell you; if you already know, then you can get a quick review. Beowulf, son of Edgetho and prince of the Geats, is a heroic character who has the strength and courage of 30 men and is always seeking adventure. He receives word from the far away Danish lands that a monster is terrorizing the Mead Hall and Kingdom that is ruled by King Hrothgar. He decides to travel to those lands and save the Danes for nothing in return except eternal fame.


Grendel is considered a monster, but I believe his is more of an outcast of society. He terrorizes Hrothgar’s mead hall because of all the laughter and joy that the Danes were having in it. He seems have more jealousy of human society than hatred for it.

When Beowulf arrived to Denmark, he requested that him and his men stay the night in the mead hall so that they could take on Grendel themselves. When Grendel arrives later that night, he terrorizes and kills one of Beowulf’s soldiers who was asleep. Then, when Grendel got to Beowulf who he thought was asleep, he tried to kill him but Beowulf resisted. With the strength and courage of 30 men, Beowulf surprised and overpowered the Grendel. Then, Beowulf rips off one of Grendel’s arms with his bare hands and Grendel bleeds to death.

In the entire story, there is another part where Grendel’s mother decides to take revenge for her son’s death, but for my Alice project, I am only doing it up to Grendel’s death. I do not know with Alice how to make him bleed all over the screen to his death, but hopefully I will find a way. All those reasons are why my project is going to be the best project so look out classmates and Warner Bros because not only is my project going to break a leg, but it will rip and arm off as well.

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